Right so this is my first blog.

29 Nov

What to write about?

Well how about… movies!

I recently, well not recently saw a few advertisements for that remake of.. not Dirty Dancing, the other one.. ummm.. the one with the guy, fuck I know this, okay so it’s about a town that’s banned dancing because they think it promotes sexual behaviour which promotes other bad things etc.. well the original was great, great actors and it’s done very well and what I realli love about that movie is the moral of the story, the whole reason why it’s so great, because the kids make the adults understand that dancing doesn’t need to be sexual, it’s a expression of ones self, it doesn’t make you some slut and when they have a dance in the end it’s nice, and harmless.

But in the new movie, everyone is wearing mini skirts and dancing in water and rubbing up against each other and it’s just an insult, I understand that they are trying to appeal to a younger generation by putting more sex into it but it defeats the purpose, the whole moral of the story is gone, thrown out the window.. it’s honestly pathetic, alright so that’s my rant for today about that.

Hope you enjoyed it!


Ciao Bella

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