Good Morning!

05 Dec

I awoke thismorning by a text from my mother.. I’m pretty sure that’s she’s unaware that when she texts me at 6 in the morning I receive it at 5.. And that’s much too early for me but my phone insisted on notifying me of this message 3 times.. Thankyou phone.. I appreciate your persistence.

I read someone’s blog today! I was emailed that someone was following me and I suddenly thought to myself.. Fuck! What the hell had I previously written? Lol. I’m very new to this and I cannot figure out how to follow other people.. And I realized there was an about me page which I’m unsure whether or not I filled out… Well I failed that exam.

Today I’m going to go on an adventure and catch a bus! Which should be eventful knowing the people around here.. Also toon read the challenges to me thismorning and they sound promising so I’m looking forward to that, a little more upbeat today.. So far anyway, alas! I awoke with the sniffles and the site of my loverr holding a toilet role in my face with a very sweet smile on his face, “I could hear you from the other room” he said.
Good man, good, good man.

I’m going to figure out what my about me page says today if it does indeed say anything.. Have a good day my fellow future zombies!

Ciao Bella

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  1. Gary Skibski

    December 8, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    wow,this looks like a great site. great work and info. I will for sure be back soon to get an update. thanks alot!


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