Gamer Chick

08 Dec

Right so I thought might as well play some Reach since I had a day off before starting work..
I usually play with Toon because he’s like my wingman and it’s realli uncomforting to play without him..
Plus the screen is huge by yourself.. So many pixels… O.O


So I was playing Team Slayer.. And can I tell you, I played a total of 5 games with different players…
Every single game I played, I was tea bagged.. Like are you kidding me?
Do people still do that?
What prevokes a man to do that? Let me rephrase that what prevokes a little pathetic boy to tea bag..
It’s so pathetic, it’s degrading and I know it’s because I’m a chick gamer..
I know it’s because I’m better than most of them.. But I don’t go around *box bagging* people do I?
I just think its honestly pathetic, if you are so deep into your little man syndrome that you have to tea bag another gamer to get a stiffy then there’s something wrong with you..

Lol. Now this might be raging.. But I really don’t care…
I’m not going to take shit from shit gamers anymore, I’ll rage all I want and I’m going to teach them who to mess with…


Ciao Bella.

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