14 Dec

Tonight I’m going to go see a comedy show, I have high expectations because I’ve seen a lot of his stand up before and he’s defintely a good laugh..

But right now I’m laying in bed next to toon, he’s trying to catch up on some shut eye because he’s been working around the clock to get some extra money for christmas, as we all know it’s very expensive!

i was reading to him before, my earlier posts, his comment “I like them, you seem to be able to put humour into everything”

Which I think is a very lovely statement from a man that tells dad jokes.

I’m sitting in bed wondering what to wear tonight, who will be there? Do I have to dress up or can I go casual.. when is the last time I shaved my legs.. etc

The normal checklist women go over in their head, it’s very hot today but I don’t feel like wearing a dress, although it’s a big comedian, the place where he is performing is not that big and fancy so I don’t think it’d matter too much, although I haven’t dressed up in a while and last time I went out I regretted it.

Okay so I have decided to dress up! Obviously my first option would be something cool and sexy, because it’s so hot outside and i like to look good for my man, but on the other hand we are going with his parentals and I don’t want to be giving anybody a heart attack now, do I?

i just completely lost my train of thought and I am now wondering what to have for dinner..

We need something quick and healthy, which can only mean subway.. but to be honest I’ve had subway so much that the smell of it makes me sick.. I feel like a disgusted pregnant woman everytime i walk past..

Now we could always go a twister from KFC, or one of those new oriental style wraps from Hungry Jacks.. I don’t know.. All I know is I don’t have time to cook and Toon just wants something quick that we can get on the way.. I was thinking about ordering a pizza but that’s not quick nor healthy.


Hmmm.. Such difficult situations.


I’ll keep you posted!


Ciao Bella

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