19 Dec



OK, So I don’t have the internet connected yet.. I have a little internet usb thing but I’m too lazy to figure out how to work it.. I’ve moved and I’m not enjoying it, everyone has been welcoming but I miss my old place..


I’ve unpacked, kind’ve (not enough coat hangers)

I’ve set up my brand new television which is pretty darn awesome..

I’m currently watching Teen Mom..

It’s an old episode but I like to watch it, makes me feel like my life isn’t so bad..


Going on the job hunt tomorrow to try and arrange a transfer also going to sort out a decent internet connection, preferably ADSL+2 because I can’t live without it..

That’s depressing, I know..


I’m used to be awake at about 6ish, it’s an hour later here so maybe I’ll wake up at 7?

I think that’s how it works anyway..

I was considering going for a walk on the beach, good exercise for my legs and It’ll still be nice and cool and not hot yet, also I think it’ll be light out..

Hopefully, or it’ll still be dark.. and it’s darker till later.. I’m not sure.. I don’t know..


Sigh I miss toon..

It’s just not the same without him..

Now who’s going to snuggle me at night when I’m backing up off the bed…

I forgot to tell my friend that I was moving, and now I feel bad..

I have to go through all my things tomorrow in storage, and sort out what I want from what I need.. and what needs to go..

That should be fun!


Not looking forward to Christmas..

I feel like Christmas just gets worse and worse, nothing good seems to come of it…


I guess I should get going, nothing else to do though..



Ciao Bella

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Posted by on December 19, 2011 in Journal


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