Interview – Monday

09 Jan

Well today I had my first interview, it went alright.. I was early and I looked presentable!

So that’s a plus I think, I was just trying to be myself and be honest..

I was so nervous though that I think I was shaking, also I had the biggest fear that I had bad breath and that’s all I could think about!

I only just got home, an hour and a half via train feels like forever, tomorrow I shall bring a book I think, although when I read whilst moving I tend to get a little light headed.

My back hurts also from walking around in what I call “heels” but are really just normal shoes with a slight lift.

I have to travel all the way back into the city tomorrow morning, I think I will have to get up at 6:30 just to make it there on time..

I keep forgetting what the company is tomorrow that I’m going to, I hope I don’t get lost.


also, make a note that TOON was very comforting today – chilled me out – much appreciated!


Ciao Bella


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