Dating Websites

31 Jan

Did you ever notice that on those dating websites they only have two types of profile photos..

The really cheesy one that is either fake or too good to be true, or the I’ve never dated in my life and this is my last resort photo..

I think that if people were more real then they would find someone a lot easier, no one wants to date someone that if perfect because what does that make them?

That makes them less than perfect and no one wants to be the less than perfect one..

I think if people were more open about their faults and stopped trying to hide everything then it’d all work out..

Someone could read your profile and be like okay, so she’s stubborn, bad temper & slightly lazy..

But, on the other hand, she’s beautiful, she has a great sense of humor and she likes hiking..

I love hiking!


That’s how it works.. well not in real life but that’s how it should work if your on a dating site..

And I don’t understand why people lie about their age, age is just a number and if anyone that is truly worth talking to won’t care how old you are.

Don’t start your relationship off on a lie.



Ciao Bella

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