Update on T00N and Myself

22 Feb

So I just read over one of my old blogs and realised I haven’t really updated you on my relationship with T00N..

He did come down for Valentines Day, and stayed the week.. It was honestly really lovely..

I knew I missed him but didn’t understand how much until I was with him again..

The plan is for him to move down and be with me, but for him to do that he has to give up so much but for me to move and be with him I barely give up anything..

Yeah I will miss my family and friends but they all have their own lives and to be honest I don’t even really see them that often..

I will miss my mum though, she has been so good to me since I’ve been down here and our relationship is so much better..

But if I’m not working and saving money then what’s the point?

I’m not seeing my friends or family..

I’m still unemployed..

And very soon I won’t have any money..

I don’t know what to do, we didn’t really work up there and I thought maybe if we were somewhere different that we would be different..

He’s the one that didn’t think I was happy there.. and that things would be better for me down here..

So I think I might ask him how he feels, and if I choose to move will it change anything or will it be the same situation?

Ehh.. Lots of thinking to do..

(which I do not enjoy)


Feels good to get it written down though..

Going to go watch futurama and munch on some tim tams..


Ciao Bella

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Posted by on February 22, 2012 in Journal


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