My thoughts today

23 Feb

Well today..
I went to my local shops with my best friend since primary school.. let’s call her.. Black Balloons..
Well me and Black Balloons did some walking around, looking for work.. trying on clothes..
Talking about money and life and such..
I found out she’s still talking to Gabriel.. (A guy she has liked for what? 3-4 years now)
He’s always with some girl, he’s an idiot..
Anywho, I brought up that I died my hair black, she said “Oh yeah, I thought it was darker”
I then mentioned that my Mother and my so called fiance’ thinks I look like that freaky chick from The Ring..
She nodded and said “Oh, I can see that!”
(Lovely, exactly what I wanted to hear)
Then she proceeded to tell me about her friends little sister that has long black hair that was crawling around creepily like the chick from The Grudge..
Oh! and Fun Fact!
I got told off today from the Mall Cops for being too loud.. that was interesting..
Assholes, what do they expect? I’m Latin..
I also went to the movies with my mother to see The Grey..
It was an awesome movie..
I don’t think my mum understands the concept of whispering..
I tried to remind her that it’s like talking but quieter..
She didn’t get it..

When I got home today I got a love letter from T00N..
First letter I had ever got in general..
It was awesome, and it definitely made my day..
The only thing that slightly got to me was that instead of writing “love” he drew a love heart..
I know I should be grateful for what I get but it kinda bummed me a little..

I am currently on twitter and watching Modern Family..
I’m going to watch some old school pokemon later..

Sounds like a plan..

Ciao Bella

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