24 Feb

I awoke..

To very loud music.. which appeared to be 90’s hits..

We’re having a garage sale today.. Of all my deceased grandmothers things..

I stumbled out of bed to the bathroom, no one saw me.. so I walked back into my bedroom and collapsed back onto my bed..

It’s hot today though, that thick dry heat..

So I woke up sweaty and I felt very drained..

My mass of curly hair was all up in my face and it instantly gave me the sniffles..

I just wanted to make a Milo and sit outside on my veranda and hope for a cool breeze..

But there are people and “things” out there..

I also had a quick look at flight prices to get a rough idea of what I’m in for..

Even though it’s not much, when you have no money.. everything is expensive..

I’m trying not to worry about money and just live with it in hope that things will get better if I try my hardest to make them that way..

But some days (like today) I think to myself, I’m not a bad person, I don’t even do drugs or smoke or drink (in large quantities) I’m faithful and I’m honest, I may not go to church but I believe in my God..

And I rarely ask for anything..

So why is everything so damn hard? Why can’t something go right and be easy..

Just once..



Ciao Bella


P.S. My beautiful baby cousin is feeling better and has realised that she deserves better..

And my lover has managed to fix his phone (fingers crossed)

And I didn’t help either of them at all – advice taken


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