This Afternoon..

25 Feb


So what has happened throughout the day..

Well, the garage sale was a bust.. My family spent over 3 hours in the blistering heat setting up since 6am and they let it go until 12..

But they only had 8 people come and have a look and only made a profit of $20..

Not sure if it was the location or the heat or what, but people were just not showing up..

It then took another 3 hours to pack everything up and put back into storage..

In 38 degree heat, it was very unpleasant..

I met up with my cousin, she’s the same age as me and we both like xbox but besides that we have nothing in common..

We went to Micky D’s and grabbed a 50c cone and then walked to the beach, we walked along the beach through the water for a while before we hit the pier and then we left..

We spoke about life and love and money..

I had enchiladas for dinner and I’m currently watching Pokemon!

Although it’s turning out to be one of those nights which are just too hot..

But when I turn on the aircon, It’s too cold..

It’s a lose, lose situation..

But I’m enjoying the weekend so far, I guess..


Ciao Bella


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Posted by on February 25, 2012 in Journal


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