Blehh Stomach

28 Feb

Lately I’ve been feeling really Bleh
Like I don’t eat anything but I always feel full..
Even the smell of food is making me feel sick..
I got down on my hands and knees and totally scrubbed my kitchen floor today..
I’m leaving on Saturday so I have to decide what I’m taking and what I’m leaving behind..
I got asked to design a tattoo last night, but I don’t have any of my sketching stuff so I said I probably wouldn’t be able to do it..
I do feel like getting a new tattoo though, I’m not sure what as of yet..

Things to know about me:
I got my first tattoo at 14, second at 17 and third at 19..
I’ve had my ears pierced over 30 times but currently only have 1 piercing in each..
I’ve had my lip pierced..
My stomach..
I pierced my wrist at some point as well but that didn’t last long..
I’ve had every hair colour under the sun..
From Blonde, Black, Red, Brown, everything in between..
I’ve had super short hair and really long hair..
Straight, Curly..
I’ve been Goth, Emo, Punk, Metal – Head, Girly girl, Latino..
I get bored easily and the one thing I can control in my life is my appearance and I think that’s why I change so much..
I’ve been thinking about babies a lot lately, because people keep bringing them up..
I’ve been like weirdly worried about labor and that lol I don’t even know why..
I’m watching an old episode of Teen Mom where she’s having a baby and I’m like holding my breath when she’s holding hers and ergh..
This is not helping my sick stomach..
Although I do appreciate the beauty of child birth, I don’t think I can deal with this right now..

Sometimes, I truely hate my life
Fuck trying to be happy
Because obviously I’m not fucking worth it

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Posted by on February 28, 2012 in Journal


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