It’s been agesss..

07 Mar

It’s been ages since I’ve blogged, or what feels like forever..
My internet went down and then I moved and I’ve been settling in with T00N..
Feels weird living with him, at his place..
I feel like I have to keep everything the way he has it, I’m very messy, he’s very clean..
Everything here has it’s own place, where do I fit in?
I’ve been looking for work and studying..
Fun times right?
The weather has been on and off raining since I got here, maybe the storms are following me around Australia..
So far T00N and I are alright, few tifs about nonsense but nothing serious..
Before I left I went to see my cousin, who is like my brother, or was..
I stuck my nose in it by saying simply that he shouldn’t rush into having children, the conversation just went downhill from there..
He’s become openly arrogant, which I find absolutely horrid in a person..
He literally said to me that he is the most intelligent person he knows..
It’s so off putting, to be honest..
From now on I’m keeping my mouth shut, he can do what he wants..
He wants to get married to a cheat at the age of 20 and have a baby..
So be it, it’s his life..
I’m glad I have the internet again and I’m making time to write..
Missed it..

Ciao Bella

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Posted by on March 7, 2012 in Journal


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