It’s Thursday

08 Mar

Is really starting to get to me, this whole “not working” thing..
I’m over it! I need a job! I can’t survive on no money!
You know I keep thinking that it’s pointless to go around and hand out resume’s but I’m not sure, I only think this because everything is via the internet now days..
The few times that I have gone out and handed out resume’s they’ve said they’ll keep it in store but that I have to go online..
I’m just not sure, honestly.. I would love some tips if you have some, on how to find work..
At this point I don’t even care what type of work it is..
Any would be fine..
I think I might go up and down my street tomorrow and hand out resume’s, because then at least I can say I did it and it’s done..
I’m seriously, for real, over it..
It’s too expensive to live anymore!
i think that’s why I constantly have a headache..

On a lighter note I found some cool advertisements..
Here is the first one and I’ll post another tomorrow..

I’ll post again later..
Right now I’m too angry..

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Posted by on March 8, 2012 in Journal


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