09 Mar

Is Friday, and it is ridiculously hot today for real, you have no idea..
With hair as long as mine in this heat, I feel like I’m dying..
People don’t know how hot Australia gets..
Did some household cleaning today..
I’m becoming very domestic..
T00N and I had a bit of an argument today, but it’s over and done with now..
I hate dealing with things via text message, sucks, all that miscommunication..
I think I might make myself a nice iced coffee with my dinner of pancakes and whipped cream.. I know! It sounds more like breakfast right? Rather than dinner..
But hey, it’s quick and easy and I just bought a bottle shaker so no mess!
Which is always a plus, considering doing the dishes is my worst nightmare..
By the way, if you were interested..
My refridgerater consists of..
30 Bottles of water
2 Bottles of cordial
2 Blocks of chocolate
1 Prima
and a container of margarine..

Yep! That’s me!
Super healthy right?

Oh Oh! And a bottle of Up n’ Go

Spoke to my mum today
Found out she has head lice from buying second hand scarfs from the market..
And her house is now infested with fleas, she was quite shocked that a flea managed to jump onto her eyebrow..
I asked her how she could tell the difference between the fleas and the head lice..
She couldn’t really give me a straight answer..
But she was right, her day was worse than mine..

You win mum!
I should’ve bought her a congratulatory prize or something…

Ergh don’t you hate it when you feel like your babysitting your boyfriend?
Lol at you T00N yes that was directed towards you.

Going to go and make that Ice Coffee now, might check in with you later..

Oh, but before I go, here’s my latest favourite advertisment..


Ciao Bella

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Posted by on March 9, 2012 in Journal


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