Ever After

19 Mar

Was thinking..
Is there such a thing as “Ever After”?
Like, what does that even mean?
Ever After..
Happily Ever After..
I don’t think it exists..
How could something be “Happily Ever After”?
There is nothing then..
They didn’t live Happily Ever After..
The reality is that they probably fought over everything..
Which house to buy..
Can we afford this?
You can’t have that..
Don’t look at her..
They irritated eachother..
Don’t leave this here..
Don’t speak to me like that..
You never listen to me..
They most likely had different opinions..
I’m Pro Abortion..
I’m against monogamy..
This reality that we live in now is not about Ever Afters..
It’s all about whether you ever get there in the first place..
Reality isn’t love around the corner..
Isn’t there’s other fish in the sea..
It isn’t waiting for the right person to come along..
Because no one is coming..
You don’t even have to leave your house to date..
To go grocery shopping..
To rent movies..
We have no reason to go outside..
We can stay in our small little apartments, with all our vitamins needed, order our food online, check in to an online dating website, and rent a movie from our apple tv..
What has the world come to?
What am I supposed to tell my children when they ask me about Prince Charming?
I don’t know, isn’t there an app that can figure that out?
We’re not improving our minds with all this information..
We’re simply making it easier to be lazy, we don’t have to think anymore..
If you don’t know something, ask Google..
We have apps that translate and speak languages for us..
We have a weather man to predict the weather for every hour of the day..
This isn’t the world i wanted to grow up in..
This isn’t the world I wanted my children to grow up in..
We have become so fearful of ourselves our children can’t even walk to the park by themselves..
They have to walk in front of us at the store to make sure they don’t get snatched..
You can’t take pictures of them at the beach incase you accidentally snap a pic of someone elses child..
What has this world come to?
You know what..
I hope 2012 comes..
Because this world, it needs a new start..

Ciao Bella

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