Cats & Dogs

22 Mar

I’ve been thinking lately about Cats and Dogs and how they relate to people and relationships..
Have you ever noticed than there’s that point when your in a relationship and you decide that you want to get a pet together?
I’m not sure why, whether it’s a bonding thing, a test to figure out eachother’s weaknesses and strengths.. to show how we will possibly react when faced with having children..
But I have figured out something..
There are only 3 types of people in this world..
2 main people and the odd ball number 3..

The first person is the Cat person..

This person likes Cats because they can be cute and playful, yes but they are also independent and cruel..
Although a cat will come back to you every night for a feed, that’s the only reason why it’s coming back.. Because you’re feeding it, you’re keeping it warm and you’re giving it attention.. If you didn’t do one of those things, the cat would find someone else that would..
Because Cats are not loyal, those who think they are over feed their cats to the point where they can’t leave even if they wanted to..
It’s a known fact that if you die, alone, and your cat is locked in with you..
Your cat will eat you, it will!
It doesn’t care, that’s not love..
People that prefer cats usually don’t like having anything depend on them, they don’t like attention that much and they don’t like to give attention, or have much responsibilities..

Alright, so onto person number 2..
The Dog person..

Right so people choose dogs “usually” because they’re cute, they’re obedient, they’re loyal and they’re family friendly..
And also possibly for exercising..
The fact of the matter is, dogs are loyal, they’re kind, have you ever noticed that when you injure yourself the first thing a dog does is run up and lick your wound?
That’s because they love you!
A dog will bark at the door when they see someone approaching because they are protective, they sleep outside your bedroom door..
They sing with you and they snuggle up to you when your sad, and they don’t get up until you do..
They will protect your children as if they were their own..
If you die, alone, your dog will die of starvation, right next to you..
Dogs can sense when something is up..
They look at people and can pick up on what vibe they’re giving off..
Dog people like a friend, like someone that’s loyal and that will stand by you, but will also listen to what you have to say, someone that will protect you and your family, someone that will be there during good times and bad..

Okay so last but not least..
Person number 3..
Fish people..

Fish people don’t like mess..
They don’t like responsibility..
They don’t like obligations..
And they don’t like forming attachments..
Probably a world traveller..
Busy with work..
Busy with friends..
Fish are also cheap and replaceable..
Fish are like models..
Pretty to look at with no brain..

This was just a thought..

Oh and if you didn’t pick it..
I’m a dog person..


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2 responses to “Cats & Dogs

  1. Deafia Blog

    March 22, 2012 at 3:43 am

    I am very dog person! I love dogs. They are greatest pet in the world. I like them come to me when I had a bad day. They help me feel better they are like therapy.

    Cats… Well. They tend to knock everything over in a room and makes a mess! I don’t have anything against the cats. It’s just I am clean person, and don’t even like a mess! 🙂

    • b0nd3

      March 22, 2012 at 3:54 am

      I don’t like mess either, but I do own 6 large dogs.. So it’s hard to keep them from making a mess..


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