24 Mar

is where I came from..
Some day I hope to go back there..
Some day I hope to get married there..
it’s beautiful, it makes you appreciate your life..
i love that I look different to everyone here..
I like that I stand out..
Why would you want to fit in and blend?
What’s interesting about that?
Let people know that if the world ended tomorrow that you left your mark somewhere..
You were remembered, if only for being different..
I am me whether I want to be or not..
I bite my nails..
My voice goes a weird high pitch when I’m angry..
Like an annoying parrot of some sort..
I chew my lips when I get nervous..
And i shake my leg when I get stressed..
I’m loud and clumsy..
But I’m me..
Take it or leave it..

Because at the end of the day..
I’m happy with myself..
How many people can say that?


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Posted by on March 24, 2012 in Journal


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