25 Mar

I’m so tired today..
And it’s only just hitting 3pm
I’ve been to my interview and the park and now home..
How eventful..
Oh! And I played a little of the Wii thismorning..
I just feel un-rested lol
The best feeling at the end of the day is coming home to take your skinny jeans off and put a comfy pair of “around the house” shorts on..
Which can occasionally be worn to the super market if necessary..
It’s a warm day with rain clouds over head, so will probably storm later..
I had a thought today…
What would be my favourite childhood movie..
At first I thought Lion King.. But remembered when I was little it frightened me..
Then I thought Fantasia…
But it goes for what feels like an eternity..
So I landed on Beauty and The Beast..
I love the little candle stick and the cup called “chip” with his mama tea pot..
There’s no point to this by the way..
Just thought i’d throw that out there..
Also I might’ve already mentioned my favourite childhood movie..
But who knows! I certainly don’t..

🙂 Have a great afternoon..


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