26 Mar

So I just wanted to make a quick public apology to T00N..
I’ve felt really bad these past few years we’ve been together..
Although you say you haven’t minded, I still feel the need to make up for it..
You’ve supported me this entire time, working, providing for us..
Helping me through my studies and finding my way through life..
You’ve been patient with me looking for work, bitching about the little bills that I pay..
My hard life stuck at home when your working all the time..
You’ve worked 3 jobs and not asked for anything in return..
You still push yourself to do more, to earn more, to provide more..
You do as much as you can and I feel like I do nothing..
I don’t want to study anymore, I want to work..
I want to contribute to this relationship as well..
It’s not fair on you and it’s making me feel worthless..
I love you..
You mean the world to me..
And I want you to know that I appreciate everything you do..
So much..
And I’m truly sorry that I didn’t sort my life out sooner, and that I’m not in a great career right now..
But I’m going to do my best to get there..
And I’m going to make a great life for us..


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Posted by on March 26, 2012 in Journal


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