What The F$#K!

26 Mar

I awoke to BANG *scraping sounds* Oh shit..
Mhmm, the girl downstairs in the apartment beneath us..
Hit our car..
5:50am In the morning..
There was enough room for 2 of her cars to fit past us, yet she still manages to take out the front..
I peered out my open window and watched her get out of her car, inspect the damage and then look up to see my face…
I said..
Oh yeah, I saw it..
She then stuttered.. Uh, I’ll be back at 2:30 this afternoon..
I said, “Okay, I’ll be sure to come and see you then”
I then said “Do you have insurance?”
She replied.. Only compulsory third party..
Then she left..

My Goodness..
What a morning..

I was excited to see an email regarding a job that I had applied for..
It states that I must wear a fitting black suit to the interview next week..
Well, there goes my excitement..
I don’t have a fitting black suit.. or any form of suit for that matter..
And I don’t have any money to buy such a suit.. lol
Aren’t I lucky?

Yesterday T00N and I were considering going out to buy a 6 pack of Coronas and a thing of smokes..
Keep in mind we both do not smoke, but used to..
Although I would’ve loved to say yes, the asthma that I now have from years of smoking as a teenager has left me without an option..
We decided against the Coronas as well..
Went for more of a food love and picked up some sweets..
Easter is in a couple of weeks..
I can’t wait, but feel If I get a job before hand I will have to work over Easter and will miss out on it, bummer..
But that’s the price you pay I guess..
Not everyone can get that great Monday to Friday job..
T00N found out he might be getting promoted..
Which is awesome, and I hope he get’s a nice big raise…
Because I’m obviously not helping our financial situation..
That’s about it so far..
After I come back from speaking with the *cough* skank *cough* from downstairs..
I’ll let you know how it goes..
Washing and code to do for the rest of the afternoon..
Fun times..

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