Favourite Shows

27 Mar

I thought I’d do something different and list my favourite shows and why I like them..
First up..


I’ve loved Pokemon ever since I was little, but I’ve only recently started watching it again..
T00N has managed to get me all the old seasons (which are my favourite) so I watch them in my spare time and when I’m working..

Modern Family

This is ridiculously funny, always entertaining.. plus I like the story line.
Oh and I have a massive girl crush on Sofia Vergara..
It’s not because I’m latin.. It’s probably the accent with the fact that she looks like a real woman..

Then we have..

I used to watch Bones a little bit but got busy and stopped watching..
But there’s a new season and T00N said he’s waiting to watch it with me..
So every morning he puts a few episodes on the Apple TV and I watch them whilst looking for work..
That’s part of my morning routine..
Think I’m up to season 5 now..
I like it, it’s funny and interesting and yeah…

Alright last one..
Don’t judge me..
Teen Mum..

I have watched Teen Mum from the very beginning..
It’s addictive..
When I first started watching it I think I was 17 or 18..
I felt like I could relate to them in some ways..
Relationship wise and school and what not..
But in the end I like to analyze how people react to situations..
Confrontation, etc..
It almost gives me a boost reassuring me that, that could’ve easily been me and it’s not so I’m very thankful..
Yeah.. I know..
It’s lame, and I shouldn’t take pleasure in seeing other people suffer..
But what can you do?

So those are my favourite shows, besides Simpsons, that I watch on a regular basis.
Interesting huh?


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