Thinking to Myself

28 Mar

What makes a good relationship?
People say that a good relationship consists of trust and honesty, loyalty and passion.
But not everyone is the same..
What if you enjoy having sex with multiple people?
What if you enjoy something sexually that your partner doesn’t?
What about marriage?
What if you don’t want to get married?
What if you don’t mind getting married but you don’t want to change your name?
I think that in every relationship there are 2 people that have their opinion on what a relationship should be..
Those that are “good” relationships are the ones where both parties have the same views in what makes a relationship..
The tricky thing about this is that it’s hard to know what you want.. Exactly..
You may change your feelings with different partners..
You may not want kids with one person, but a few years later your with someone different you may decide you want to start a family..
The only thing wrong with my theory is that it means you must wait..
And let the chips fall where they may..
But if your a woman and you go from man to man that makes you a “whore” and most people don’t want to date a “whore” at the end of the day..
If your a man and you sleep with multiple women.. That makes you a “player” and no woman wants to be with a “player”..
It’s a hard life.. I guess you jus have to hope that it doesn’t take that long to find the right person..

Keep in mind this is just MY opinion
It’s not based on facts or any research what so ever..
Feel free to disagree, it’s a free country!


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