Yes, Okay.. I’m Superstitious

28 Mar

Are just a few things that I believe in, but which people refer to as “Superstition”
Let’s go through the basics first shall we?
If you break a mirror you will get 7 years bad luck, this is because God’s number is 7 and the mirror is a reflection of the soul, and that’s why vampire’s have no reflection.
Secondly, don’t walk under ladders.. it’s bad luck, probably because they could fall but the myth is that the shape formed by a leaning ladder is a triangle, and the triangle is the symbol of the Holy Trinity.
Therefore, by walking through the triangle, you are violating and desecrating God.
Which is.. a bad thing..
Don’t say stupid things like “Bloody Mary” 3 times..
That’s just common sense..
Okay, so onto the weird ones..
i don’t cross knives, because that means that you will be in a fight with someone..
Don’t have anything with the number “13” not the volume on your stereo, not the floor you live on, not the street number, nothing.
Don’t have more than one “6” on anything, to do with anything.
“6” Is the Devils number and it’s best to avoid it as much as you can.
I believe “Red” as in the colour, is an evil colour, and it brings fear and stress into your life.
Don’t put new shoes on the table, that will bring you misfortune.
The number “8” is a lucky number, it in turn is my favourite number, it’s a sign of life and infinity, an immortal soul. An afterlife.
So, okay those are a few..
Being latin I was raised with all this superstition, but i don’t take it as far as letting it impact on my life, I don’t freak out if someone wears red or crosses knives or whatever.
But it’s another way for me to control my life and at the end of the day, why risk it?
So that’s a little more about me and my complicated brain.


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