i Was Thinking

30 Mar

I was thinking..
Although I like to write myself, I don’t think I’m very good at it..
I have terrible grammar, I can’t spell to save my life..
I tend to ramble, have unnecessary spaces and (…)
I really admire people that can write, properly..
I’m not a big reader myself, I read every now and then..
Whitty books..
My favourite is Belle De Jour..
Not because of the sex but because of her humor, the way she phrases things..
How she’s so open about herself..
Lately I’ve been thinking and feeling that my emotions are controlled by everything else in my life, if that makes sense..
For example, T00N.. When he’s happy and energetic, it makes me feel the same way..
When I listen to sad music I start to feel depressed..
When someone is shouting on the television, it stresses me out..
Whether I’m over emotional or fucking bat shit crazy, It’s irritating me..
it’s like I can’t block out anything, I take everything on as my own..
i feel like the person in someone else’s situation..
I’m the one shouting on the telly..
I’m the one stressed with work and not T00N..
I’m the one singing this depressing song…
I don’t really know what to do about this but to ignore how people feel..
Stop watching stressful shows and stop listening to depressing music..

On another note..
The woman next door with the millions of offspring is getting on my nerves..
It’s like she tortures her children over there because they are ALWAYS crying..
Or screaming..
Or breaking things..
If you can’t look after a zillion children then DON’T HAVE THEM!

On another note.. *laughs*
I have this weird thing that I really am enjoying lately..
I’m not sure if I have mentioned this already or not but I love to play Halo..
I’m a big gamer and Reach is my favourite game..
Lately I have been neglecting my 360 because I bought T00N Red Dead Redemption..
It’s like Fallout 3 but western..
Or Grand Theft Auto..
Whatever your into..
And i have this weird addiction to watch him play..
I’m not exactly sure why..
But I sit there with my little map and right down towns and dangerous areas and treasure sights..
I let him know which plants to pick and what’s good for Dead Eye and Health Replenishment..
I have concluded that I’m just weird..
And a possible control freak lol
Plus I love to watch him get irritated..
It’s quite a laugh..

T00N and Myself and my friend Bevan are going to lunch tomorrow..
My first meet up since I got back and I am looking forward to it, but I have no money so that’s stressing me out a bit.. lol
What if she wants to have a fancy lunch?! I’ll be doomed..

All in all..
I’m enjoying my Friday..
Job interview next Tuesday..
I’ll be sure to let you know how it all goes!


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