Just A Quicky..

30 Mar

This is going to be really short!
This was just going through my head and I felt like I had to note it down for some
strange reason..
You know what my favourite thing in the world is?
That’s G rated?
Head rubs!
Oh my goodness..
Ridiculously good..
You know what I dislike most in this world?
Besides my boyfriends ex?
People touching my hair!
It’s curly and long and it gets all messed up..
And it already looks messy!
Plus it gets all knotted and frizz..
Ergh, just the thought alone makes my skin crawl..
What a bastard of a situation, don’t you think?
Blast it!
I’ll shave my damn head and no one will want to rub my head anymore..
*laughs* Oh yes, that’s the solution right there..
Smart cookie aren’t I?

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Posted by on March 30, 2012 in Journal


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