Pregnant Theory

02 Apr

I have this theory about pregnant women..
Oh and why do people say pregnant “women”?
Why not just say pregnant people?
Because men cannot even get pregnant..
So I was thinking about how women say they have cravings and what not for different foods..
What if it’s all in their head?
Like what if because we hear that women have weird cravings so often that we begin to believe it? It’s a fact that if you hear something enough you tend to start making yourself believe that it’s true. Even if it’s not.
What if women almost use it as a subconscious way to eat whatever they want, whenever they want without feeling bad, bad about asking their partner for things all the time, bad about the possibility of gaining weight.
When a woman is pregnant, everyone treats her like a queen.
Here, take my seat..
1am? Of coarse I’ll go to the shops to find you a sausage roll..
Do you know what I mean?
Of coarse I understand you have another human being inside you and they might be craving foods as well, but I think it’s unlikely that it’s too the extreme.
For example, One woman told me that her cravings are..
Ice cream..
And Yoghurt..

Cmon? Are you serious?
Can’t you relate what I just said to that?
Also, I know that women crave minerals when they’re pregnant, and can sometimes feel the need to eat fruit, dirt, clay, soap etc..
Because the baby sucks all the nutrients out of them.
But that doesn’t explain sausage rolls or ice cream…
My mum craved pickles when she was pregnant..
I friken love pickles!
But she also craved sausage rolls and onions and..
Both of which I don’t care for..
But she loves them, and she’s always loved them..
So couldn’t it be a possibility that it’s just a woman’s way of subconsciously taking advantage of the situation?

Who knows..
Think about it though..


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