Good Morrow!

03 Apr

Hello Everybody..
I forgot to tell you how yesterday went..
I went for my interview, I was myself and I think it went well..
The guy seemed nice and the job description seemed good..
Plus it wasn’t too hard to get to..
I think I’ve been a little unwell lately, bad headaches and sniffles..
Nothing serious but enough to make me uncomfortable..
Oh! Yesterday I bought myself a new pair of boots with a gift card that I had gotten from my mother on my birthday..

They’re not that fancy but they’ll be good during winter as my only closed in shoes..
I feel really bad lately because i forgot to wish my twin cousins a happy birthday (18th)
It’s not that I forgot, It’s just I didn’t realise what day it was..
I knew their birthday was on the 25th but I didn’t realise it was the 25th, or past the 25th
I’m honestly having bad dreams about it..
Even though they didn’t say anything on my 18th i feel like I should be responsible because I am older than them..
I’ve just been losing track of days lately..
I know what day of the week it is, i just keep forgetting which day of the month it is..
I’m not sure If I’ve mentioned this yet, but T00Ns birthday is coming up and since it’s a big one I wanted to do something special for him..
Since he’s a bit of an adrenalin junky i went onto and was going through gifts, I don’t have much money so I couldn’t afford anything too expensive but something nice and worth while..
I was thinking about rally driving or a cruise or something but in the end i asked him and he chose to go kayaking..
Which I fucking LOVE!
I used to surf a lot so I love the water and I’m a big camper so kayaking is my thing..
Although I must mention, I’m not a very good swimmer.. I tend to just doggy paddle..
So we’re taking a drive up to the coast and doing some kayaking up the river and maybe grab some lunch and have a picnic or something..
Not very adrenalin-ish but something different..
Hey! It’s better than a tie or a pair of socks, isn’t it?



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