Nerds, Geeks And All The Rest!

05 Apr

So I was thinking about it today..
When a woman/girl lets say “female”
When a female plays online games they are supposedly 1 of 3 things..
Number 1.
A mega fat bitch that literally does nothing but play games all day and eat.
Number 2.
A huge SKANK!
She only plays online to get attention from men.
Number 3.
A guy pretending to be a chick.

Right, so according to men I’m one of these 3 things.
Well, I’m not a dude.
So there goes number 3.
I’m not a skank.
So there’s number 2 gone.
And I think I’m in a medium weight class because I weigh just about 60kg.
So I don’t think that fits into the category of number 1.

Believe it or not, there are actually female-female gamers out there!
I know right!
It sounds crazy! But trust me.. I know a few myself..
Men think that people like me, don’t exist.
Well, I can assure you that we do.
I’m a female, I have a vagina like most females and I like to game.
Big deal?
I think not..
Women think that to be a “real” woman you have to like pink, and butterflies and bullshit..
I like blue and I like dogs and I like Star Wars..
Get over it..
So what if I’m not a “girly girl”
That doesn’t make me any less of a woman..
I’m a NERD! I like gadgets and documentaries and learning new things.

I’m also a big GEEK!
I like Gaming, Xbox, Pokemon, Anime, YouTube cartoons and Magic.

I like everything from StarWars to the Avengers.
Screw all of those who think that’s lame.
Because you don’t know cool.



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