Everyday I’m Shuffling

06 Apr

I was younger..
Around 16-17 I became totally fascinated with the dance craze “shuffling”
I was a big raver and techno was my most favourite thing in the entire world..
I slowly but surely became and expert in what’s called “The Melbourne Shuffle”
Since this time shuffling has spread more into mainstream society with songs like “Everyday I’m shuffling” and..
Umm, pretty much anything from LMFAO!
Although I don’t really like any of their songs..

i find it quite fun and it’s really just sliding across the floor in style..
My favourite song to shuffle to is “Overload vs It’s a Dream”
I’m not exactly sure who it’s by but it’s got a bloody good bass..
Which is the main thing a shuffler needs to dance..
I personally wouldn’t really called “shuffling” dancing..
But it’s a pretty sick talent if you ask me..
Oh and for the record, I do not approve of “jump shuffle”
It’s ridiculous..
If you want to look up shuffling just check out YouTube..
But for your entertainment I have included a few gifs for you..


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Posted by on April 6, 2012 in Journal


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