10 Apr

In life..
We are over come by choices..
Relationship choices..
Which man to pick..
Who to sleep with..
Whether or not to cheat..
Whether or not to get married..
Whether or not to have children..
If you choose to be monogamous what happens if your partner chooses to cheat?
Life choices..
When should I move out..
When should I buy a car..
Which car should I buy..
When should I buy a house..
Which house should I buy..
How much money should I spend..

I’ve been thinking about choices..
There are wrong ones which are obvious..
If you cheat your bound to get caught..
If you cheat on someone that would do anything for you, you simply cheat yourself..
If you lie, those lies will be held against you and they will come back ten fold..
If your going to steal, who are you really stealing from?
Are you stealing someone’s love, their heart in another soul..
Are you stealing someone’s work? Someone’s effort and time..
Are you taking more than you should..
Or are you simply not giving enough..

What are the right choices in life?
How do we know what’s right for us..
I choose to be a faithful, loving, adoring girlfriend..
I choose to be a very caring and thoughtful step mum..
I choose to be myself..
I choose to live this life..
But what do you choose?
What are you doing..
Are you happy..

I don’t know how my choices have ended me up here, but I’m grateful..
And for the person that I used to be, I hope she understands that some of those choices she made back in the day, effected people..
People she loved and even people she didn’t..
But, I don’t think it’s ever right to hurt someone..
Someone that cares about you..
Whether it’s your choice to, or not..

You may see a pretty girl walk past..
You may see a nice new hand bag in the store..
But think about how your choice will effect the others involved..
If you think to yourself, I would be devastated if that happened to me..
Why would you wish that upon anyone else?


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