The Ring

11 Apr

One night he was cooking dinner (this was in our first place) where we had virtually nothing..
No couch, no lounge room television, no draws no nothing lol
But it was a beautiful place, even without anything in it..
So anyway..
He was cooking dinner and I was sitting and watching him, I got bored and i went to watch telly in the bedroom..
Earlier in the week we looked at rings to get a rough idea of what I liked..
But I said I wasn’t going to pick anything out because i wanted him to pick something himself..
Yeah so, getting a bit off track here..
So i was lying in bed watching telly and he said dinner was ready, he had dished it up for me and I walked over to the kitchen to grab it..
I sat down and looked at my plate and there was a box sitting there, on the side of my plate..
I looked at him, smiled..
I said.. “What’s this?” He just smiled back
I opened it and it was a ring, it was beautiful..
Silver and little diamonds..
He said (putting it on my finger) this is just a temporary ring..
Until i can afford something nicer..
I said “It’s beautiful, I don’t need anything more than this”
We kissed and ate our dinner..

But.. there’s still more..

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