The Story

11 Apr

It’s time..
To tell you the inevitable long boring story of my engagement..
We were 6 months into our relationship..
We had spent the day at his mothers, and he was acting weird all the way home..
He was being very distant and short with me, everytime I said anything he either wouldn’t respond or he’d give me a no-go answer..
We finally got home, I was upset because I had no idea what I had done to make him so angry.. So I went and sat on the bed..
He was in the office, doing some work (I’m guessing)
I was laying there upset, when I thought..
No! What the fuck! He can’t treat me like this!
So I stormed over to his office and demanded to know what his problem was, “Nothing” he said.. without even turning back to look at me..
I walked back to the bedroom aggravated..
He soon migrated over to the bedroom himself and sat on the edge of the bed..
He said a big speech (Which I honestly don’t remember) but i remember it was very nice..
But for some reason, it felt like a break up speech..
Like, your so wonderful, I love you so much.. But..
That’s what i was waiting for..
The “But..”
He finally stopped talking and I sat there, and stared up at him and asked..
“Are you breaking up with me?”
And that’s when he said it, he pulled a ring out from behind his back and asked me to marry him.. I stared at him.. for quite a while, because a second ago I thought I was being dumped..
So, I kind of froze..
He just stared at me..
I realised I was taking WAY too long and I quickly jumped up and said yes, we hugged and he gave me the ring..

But it doesn’t even end there..

To be continued..

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