Double Standards

12 Apr

So I was thinking about public displays of affection today..
This is how I think when I’m single..
Oh my gosh, look at those people..
That’s disgusting..
Get a room..
Really? Is that necessary..

How I think when I’m in a relationship..
Isn’t that cute
Awe they’re so in love..

My rules for public affection when it comes to me?
I love it..
Kiss me..
Grope me..
I can’t get enough of it..
I love it..
But i think you really have to find the right partner..
Someone that knows when it’s appropriate to kiss your neck and when it’s not..
Restaurant dinners – appropriate
Brunch – not so much
Beach – appropriate (to an extent) You are wearing minimal clothing so boundaries are definitely necessary..
At the shopping center – (so so) Depends where you are, how many people are around.. etc
At a friends house – only if your drunk
At your mothers house/mother in laws house – only when they’re not there or not looking
In the car – yes, go crazy!
In the car with children – keep it to kissing, just to gross them out
Video store – Mmm, yeah.. acceptable.. unless anyone knows you

I think you should be proud to be with the person your with, you should want to show the world, and it makes a girl feel happy that you don’t care who see’s
It’s exciting, go with it!
Majority of the people that see you, will never see you again..
Those who do, guarantee they will never bring it up..
If they judge you for it, they’re honestly not worth talking to..

lol Enjoy!


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