The End

12 Apr

Few months down the way I ended up going to Melbourne for a couple of months..
I think It was just over a month actually..
We hadn’t spoken much since I left and our relationship was a bit rocky..
(I was in Melbourne because my nan had died)
Finally when I was heading back home, I caught my flight and he picked me up from the airport..
It was winter and i was freezing, it was also very early in the morning..
T00N decided to take me out to get a hot chocolate, we went to the top of this beautiful mountain that overlooked the entire city, it was cold and wet and we sat under one of those giant umbrella things and waited for our hot chocolate..
We huddled up together and spoke about how much we had missed eachother..
Our hot chocolates arrived (Thank goodness!) and he said that he needed to say something to me before I drank mine..
I looked at him curiously as he said “I think that you should take that ring off”
I cannot explain what went through my head at this moment because I can swear that I felt my heart break..
It had frozen up like a rain drop falling from the sky..
I felt my eyes start to well up as I looked at him..
He then looked at me and quickly pulled out a little purple box and said “Because i think you should wear this instead”
He placed the little purple box in front of me..
I stared at it and untied the ribbon..
I opened it and saw the most beautiful ring in the world.. (To me anyway)
I laughed/cried a little when I saw it..
I said it was so beautiful..
He took the ring off my finger and replaced it with this..

And that was it..
It is officially the best thing I have received from a man..
Excluding orgasms..
Of coarse..
But so there you have it, there is my engagement story..
3 rings..
1 proposal..
Infinite love..



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2 responses to “The End

  1. Isabella Louise Anderson

    April 12, 2012 at 3:12 am

    Aww! It’s beautiful! What a great story! 🙂

    • b0nd3

      April 12, 2012 at 3:14 am

      Thank you 🙂
      I like to think so lol


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