My Song

13 Apr

I have this new favourite song right now..
It’s called “We Are Young”
By.. some people
Beautiful lyrics and i love the beat..
i thought I’d write this nothing post as a kind’ve pick me up from my last one..
And I thought I’d mention an awkward subject..
Doing a number 2 at your boyfriends house..
When is it acceptable?
Some people believe that you are truly comfortable with your partner when you can “release gas” around them..
Well, I’m sure that means that “doing a number 2” is quite appropriate..
Well, but then again some people believe that you should never “release gas” in front of your partner.. so, ipso facto that means never going to the bathroom..
Which I’m pretty sure causes some internal issues..
i think that, when he feels comfortable enough to fart in your face and laugh, that is when you can get him back with a big great number 2 in his what is most likely a filthy toilet bowl..
Please excuse this most disgusting topic and I’m terribly sorry if it offended you…
But it’s a real life problem!

Peace 😀

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