Wake up

13 Apr

Was dozing in bed, it was cold and she was barely awake..
She felt his warm lips press against her neck..
She smiled..
She struggles to open her eyes..
It’s bright..
He leans over her face, as a comforting shadow..
He’s sitting on the bed, smiling at her..
“Good Morning Beautiful” he says pushing the hair out of her face
“Mm” she says, forcing herself to wake up
“I’m sorry I woke you so early” he whispers as he leans down and kisses her forehead
“Mm, what have you been doing all morning?” she asks, stretching her arms out
“Oh you know, this and that” he laughs
He leans down, placing his head on her stomach and closing his eyes briefly..
“I’ll miss you today” he says, opening his eyes and looking up at her
“I’ll miss you” she replies, running her fingers through the back of his hair
“I love you Boo..” he whispers, kissing her stomach
“I love you more” she smiles

What a lovely wake up..


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