14 Apr

So i have this kind of private nickname thing going with T00N..
Ever since before we got engaged I think..
We call eachother “penguin”..
Umm, this is basically because I was watching a doco one day (about penguins)
It went through their breeding habits and what not…
But what I took away from it was, that penguins mate for life..
They find one mate, and if that mate unfortunately dies, then they’re never with anyone else..
Now.. after saying this I’m not quite sure if it’s only one type of penguins or all of them but i think it’s lovely..
What if life were like that?
Of coarse there’s ups and downs to having one mate for life..
What if you pick the wrong one?
Yep, I got stuck with the arsehole that doesn’t like to fish!
But what if you picked the right guy?
What if you picked the guy that always found you the perfect pebbles and never even looked at another penguin!
What if!
I think it’s very sweet, no one knows why we call eachother penguin, but you guys..
So shhh..
Oh, and I’m quite aware that it is SUPER cheesy and awful to those who aren’t in relationships..
But what can I say?
i like the cheesy stuff..

On another note, it’s Autumn and it’s starting to get very cold!
The first month wasn’t so bad, more humid than anything with all the rain..
But it’s cold and chilly in the mornings and I find myself chucking on my old comfy pair of jeans and trackies more often than before..
Plus my tropical fish are getting moody, and that’s either because it’s getting cold.. or because they’re fighting fish and they hate everything..
So far I’m enjoying my Saturday, went to see Battleship, snuck some awesome Grill’d chips into the cinema to snack on (because they were nice and warm) and it’s cold as ice in the cinema..
The movie was good, and then we got sushi afterwards..
I had duck something or other..
it was good!
Came home, played some Halo, finished all the challenges and now I’m quickly blogging before we go out to get some ice-cream and go for a walk along the wharf..
It’s going to be cold but i promise to take some pictures for you!
Should be a nice view..
Also a took a few cool pics whilst we were driving home along the gateway..
Which i shall upload later, now.. my iPhone is nowhere near as good as an actual camera..
But it get’s the job done!

Enjoy your night guys!

Much love.

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