If Only..

16 Apr

Charlotte’s vagina isn’t the only thing depressed thismorning..
Yes, I did listen to an episode of Sex In The City before I woke up today..
I don’t know, kinda just feeling bummed..
Which means, sad?
Nothing else, I swear!
Just upset kinda because I can’t get t00n and iPad for his birthday and like I start work on the day that we were going to take off and see the Avengers, usually that wouldn’t be a big deal because it’s not his actual birthday but I wanted to do something nice for him.
Plus, I don’t know..
He doesn’t seem too happy lately, with everything that’s going on with the car and all..
And he’s not too happy with our apartment, and I don’t know..
i just want to make him happy, but I don’t think there is much that i can do..
I feel helpless..
On another note, since this is my last week off I’m going to try and enjoy it and get a lot of design work done..
But first things first!
I have a tonne of washing to do, dishes, I need to clean the bathroom sink and do some serious vacuuming..
So I’m going to be doing that all day..
I hope you guys have a great day!


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