17 Apr

No, that caps lock was not a mistake..
I’m going to tell you about this very odd dream of mine..
So it starts at my aunty’s place…
She lives in a very strange poor house, it’s like 3 stories tall and very skinny..
there’s no lights except a kind of haze from the static on the television..
I’m holding this baby, which looks like a plastic doll and it’s naked..
it then opens it’s eyes and I drop it because it frightens me..
it bounces and rolls under a bed..
I cautiously bend down to look under the bed to see if the “baby” is okay..
A little girl is under the bed, about age 5 and shes staring at me with these huge eyes..
She starts screaming and it’s so high pitch I run away up stairs..
T00N is sitting on the floor and leaning against the door of a built in wardrobe..
He’s just sitting there, I approach him and he says that I need to go for a shower quickly before everyone get’s back..
He opens the wardrobe door and theres a shower head attached to the wall, I look at him confused because the built in is completely covered in carpet and it’ll get wet if I shower in there.. He tells me to hurry up so I start to undress, he stands in front of me because all of a sudden “Barney” (From How I Met Your Mother) is sitting on the bed at the opposite end of the room and he can see into the wardrobe..
T00N turns on the shower head and tells me to get in and he’ll make sure Barney doesn’t see..
So I do, but for some reason the wardrobe has gotten much smaller and I have to crawl into it, I’m crouched down with the water running over my back and I look to my left where there is a gap between the sliding doors of the wardrobe, theres a single bed there and a teenage girl sitting on it, she’s watching something blue on the television because it’s reflecting onto her face.. she and the bed then get very close to the built in, or so it appears and I reach up to try and touch the bed.. Her head suddenly turns and looks at me, she grabs a hold of my hand and continues to stare at me, I’m trying to cover myself with my other arm whilst trying to pull my hand back in..
She has a tight grip and she starts to bring my hand up towards her mouth..
Her mouth begins to open and her teeth are long and pointed, almost like a shark..
I’m freaking out, she looks like some sort of monster with that blue glow of the television on her face and her sharp pointed teeth..
I start screaming for T00N to help me but my screams are almost muffled like I’m screaming under water..
She bites into my hand, right into the gap between my thumb and my second finger…
The pain is excruciating, I can’t breath, i continue to scream but nothing comes out..

Then I wake up..
I take a deep breath and I look around the room..
It was just a dream..

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