18 Apr

Hey guys!
So I’ve been reading this new book, and it didn’t even cost me a thing because it came with my Halo Reach special edition.

It’s pretty cool, but if you don’t know the story line of the game you’ll have NO idea what’s going on but it looks like a proper journal, all bounded up and all.
It’s actually making me wonder whether or not I should start writing a journal myself, old school pen and paper style..
But I’m not quite sure because I feel I might be repeating myself, like whatever I write on here I won’t write in my journal and whatever I write in my journal I won’t write in here and there will be gaps when you look back it at..
t00ns birthday is in 10 days and he’s decided he doesn’t want to do anything big for it..
But I’ve always been a big birthday kind of person..
Like.. It’s your birthday you can do whatever you want, have what you like for dinner, go anywhere you want etc..
Plus he works so hard and I think he deserves something awesome for such a big birthday..
I just don’t want him to look back on it and regret not doing anything..
I can’t afford much as far as presents go but i can definitely make it worth while..
I need fun ideas, if you have any feel free to chuck ’em at me!
I have a few days left before I start work and t00n thinks that I should make the most of it..
So I’m going to!
I’m going to try and be creative today, I might even play some Xbox..
Dare I?
Electrition is coming today to fix the light switch so I can’t laze around in my pj’s all day so I regrettably got dressed but I refuse to look pretty!

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