20 Apr

It’s an indoor playground for kids!

No I’m not going there to stalk little children, I’m taking little people there to have some fun!

That sounded much weirder than I thought it would..

But I think you got what I was saying, and if not.. Your Sick!

But that’s what I’m doing on this lovely sunny saturday..

I was thinking today about all the childhood tv shows I used to watch (I know ANOTHER reminiscing topic!) and I can’t help but think how crappy cartoons are nowdays compared to the one’s that used to be on.. I feel sorry for kids these days growing up without CatDog, Hey Arnold!, Ahhh Real Monsters, Rugrats (before they got old) Rainbow Bright, Evil Sesame Street (where the cookie monster ate cookies and Oscar the grouch was still a grumpy fuck) Those shows didn’t hurt me, or anyone else for that matter so why replace it with this crap.. Personally I think that Ben 10 is much more fucked up than anything else from back then.. I once saw an episode that began in 2 cars driving at night, the one behind put on his high beams and tailgated, intentionally trying to scare the car in front until it ran off the road and crashed..

I’m sorry but.. what the fuck?

What were the writers thinking when they wrote that shit? 5 year olds watch that show..

Anywho, It wasn’t my point to rag on the Ben 10 people it was my point to say that I miss the old days with the weird cartoons that looked like they were drawn by someone and not completely computer animated, where’s the heart in it? *sigh*

Have a great Saturday everyone and I shall check in with you later!


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