Technology or Not?

21 Apr

So I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I still haven’t come to a conclusion on the debate going on inside my head..
So I’m thinking maybe if I put it down somewhere then maybe as I’m writing It will come out and then I’ll be fine to move onto something else..
So the question is..
When it comes to children, Is it best to push technology on them, or is it best to try and keep it old school and amish so to speak.
What I mean by this is, should for Christmas you buy your kids a Nintendo DS? or should you buy them a game like chess, or scrabble?
Should we encourage them to watch Dora and Diego or should we encourage them to read books? Or should we be reading books to them?
Here are my arguments..

Technology: Well I’m personally a big technology geek, I love gadgets and almost everything in my house is very high tech but when I was younger I loved everything I had and I didn’t have a Nintendo DS or a Computer..
I did though have to learn computer studies in year 1 of primary school..
So although I didn’t have much technology at home I was getting pushed into it at school..
Now I’m talking about the age where kids shouldn’t really care about expensive gadgets like 4-7.. 7 obviously pushing it a bit.. now days anyway..
I used to play games when i was a kid, like Mousetrap and Chess and Stratego.. Connect 4..
I loved it, I don’t think I needed anything else..
Obviously I did my flash cards I got from school and my readers but besides that I kind’ve just played outside most of the time..
But it seems like now we are buying our kids technology to keep them busy, lets buy them a very expensive Nintendo DS so that they’re entertained in the car when we have to pick them up or take them somewhere..
Let’s buy them a television for their room for when they go to bed they can watch something..
Even trains are motorized with batteries now!

No Technology: I don’t see the harm, personally in not getting them gadgets besides that possibly their friends would all have one and if they’re googling crap for school they’re going to need a computer..
Read a book before bed, Is the Telly necessary?
They say kids that “game” have better eye and hand co-ordination..
But I don’t see how playing Mario is going to make them better at catching a ball..
I think that they could possibly get picked on if they don’t have everything that everyone else has, and maybe they would be considered weird..
Which would obviously be a BAD thing..

Alright, I think I’ve come to a conclusion..
Although myself, I don’t think it’s necessary for them to have all these things, i think that the rest of the world is kinda forcing my hand here..
I don’t want my kid to be without, I don’t want them to get picked on, I don’t want them to fall behind at school..
So I guess it is necessary, but if the world ends..
They’re not going to know how to have fun without a charge chord.


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