23 Apr

So you would not believe what happened to me yesterday!
Or us..
You would not believe what happened to “us” yesterday..
Well I went downstairs to put the washing on and my machine was playing up, I fiddled with it back and forth but yet, still nothing..
We then drastically looked for the warranty and couldn’t find it, but alas we did find the receipt..
Now, we had only had this washing machine a couple of years.. a couple meaning 2..
We call up Electrolux and supposedly our warranty had expired 3 months ago..
Darnit! Timing right?
So we had to go to Harvey Norman and look for a new washing machine..
The reason why we chose Harvey Norman is because a) that’s where we got our first washing machine from and b) they have interest free on our brand of credit card..
Because I, unlike most people.. Do not have a spare 1000 lying around..
Anywho, we got there, had a look around, went through brands and prices and what not and landed on an Ariston for $650 with 5 years warranty and this surge plug thing..
All up it cost us about $900!
Ridiculous isn’t it!
So thismorning my new washing machine came, I didn’t pay the $6.50 for the guys to install it so i did it all by myself!
I had to disconnect the old one and move it to the other side of the garage and connect the new one and everything!

Old Washing Machine – Fuck Head

New Washing Machine – Awesomesauce

After not doing washing all weekend and having a HUGE build up by Sunday and then realising that I couldn’t do any washing until thismorning..
I got right into it!
But alas something always happens..
The Electrician came by to install a safety switch and he had to turn off all the power so halfway through my first wash it stopped and now i have to re-start it and wait the hour..
Plus the house is a mess and I couldn’t do any vacuuming or wash the dishes because my water heater was turned off..
So I have a very messy house, about a tonne of washing..
Moldy dishes and a white floor with a slight tan to it..
This should be fun…

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