What’s the key to a perfect relationship?


Like my good friend Shrek would say, Onions have layers..

Relationships have layers..

There are 5 main factors in a relationship..

First of all there is Attraction.

Attraction is important for any serious relationship, you’re going to be together forever?

You have to have attraction, whether it’s emotional or physical it has to be there!

Preferably it’s both emotional and physical that way if anything were to happen you have a higher chance of being able to keep that spark alive.

Of coarse at the end of the day when your old and grey the physical side isn’t really going to matter, but when your young and your both busy with work the physical stuff is going to help you out a bit.

The second layer is Patience, eventually you’re going to get to that stage where your starting to find little things that bug you, that your partner does.

For example, my partner is the biggest morning person you will ever meet, I.. on the other hand am more of a nightowl.. I don’t like the mornings and I don’t like them even less when there is someone very excited and happy in my face.

I also hate this throat noise thing he does, it sounds like an extremely loud frog croaking in my ear.. but I am constantly cracking my fingers, which he hates..

We both let it go, as a compromise.

All I’m saying is that no-one is perfect, and your partner isn’t the exception, it’s fine to have little things that you do that he hates and he’s allowed to have little things that he does that you hate, but it’s how you deal with it that matters in the end.

When in a relationship there’s only so much you can compromise about yourself without losing who you are and if you find yourself being someone more to please your partner then that’s a sign of an unhealthy relationship and maybe it’s time to move on.

Third layer of a good relationship.


It is so important to have trust in your love, you must trust them because if your having doubts and you have no-one to reassure you it will drive you insane.

Slowly but surely you will be committed.

I’ve struggled with trust my entire life, because whether we want it to or not our past always effects our future in some way, we get burned and our natural instinct is to learn from it and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

If you cannot trust your partner you will allow your insecurity to ruin your relationship, you could be potentially throwing away the love of your life without even knowing it.

You should take the approach that a new relationship is a clean slate, you both do not have a past and you should just go from there, anything that happened beforehand doesn’t matter, how are you supposed to see the future when your looking to the past.

Fourth Layer.


There has to be a massive amount of communication in a positive relationship, whether it’s being able to communicate your feelings and tell your partner that you love them or that something is upsetting you, but you should be able to talk to them like a friend and not feel like your going to be judged or yelled at, you should be able to tell them if your feeling insecure or if you want something to change in your relationship.

You need to be able to hear each other out and put yourself in their situation, don’t react before you know all the facts and actually listen and take in what they have to say, a relationship is not one sided and neither of you should be happier than the other, in a fair relationship it needs to be even handed.

Last but not least.


If your heart isn’t in it then neither should you be, if your still holding onto someone elses love then you have to wait until you can let it go, I’d also recommend that you put some effort into loving yourself, because if you can’t love yourself how are you ever going to believe that someone else can love you too?




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Umm What Just Happened?

So Yesterday was my second day of work, I missed 2 buses getting there and ended up arriving half an hour late.. The only sale I got all day was a return (how depressing) but towards the end of my shift when I was closing up something very weird happened..

All of a sudden I felt very flushed, I felt like a heatwave hit me, my whole body started perspiring and I felt dizzy, my heart rate picked up and my eyes started to blur over..

I quickly stopped what I was doing and sat down on the floor, I felt like I was going to faint.. I was sipping my bottle of water and thinking about what could of brought this on, I thought back through my day..

Had I eaten something? Yes Had I been drinking water? Yes Had I gotten enough sleep? Yes

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me so I passed it off to, I’m getting sick it’s probably the flu.

I excused myself and went to the bathroom, splashed some water on my face and down the back of my neck, my nose started to bleed and I felt like I was going to be sick.

I ran to the toilet and prepared for the worst but nothing, I mopped my nose up and headed back to work to finish up, I was counting up the till when it happened again, the heatwave, the mass of perspiration, my eyes blurred over and I fell to the floor, I watched my manager try to speak to me but I felt like I was under water, my chest felt tight and her voice was muffled I reached for my water bottle but it was empty.. I took some deep breaths and I started to stress a little, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me..

Did I have a tumor or something?

I finished up and called t00n to come and pick me up, I was quite willing to take the bus home but I wasn’t sure what was going on with my body but didn’t want to risk it, I felt bad for making him drive all that way after a long day at work during peak hour traffic but I promised to make it up to him, he is and was my knight in shining armor that night..

It turns out I had a “panic attack” or “anxiety attack” which is very weird because i didn’t feel stressed at all, but t00n said that it can hit you, after being stressed a lot on the inside sometimes it just springs upon you..

So when I got home I took a very strong panadol and tried to relax, I realised that being with t00n really is the only thing that calms me down (most of the time anyway) but still very grateful to have him.

Can you believe my day?


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Pregnancy Check

Before I begin I must worn you that this post is quite crude and vulgar and offensive, please do not read it and bitch to me later! Just stop now.. Enjoy!


Every now and then I get this odd feeling like hmm I don’t know.. maybe the contraception fairy has abandoned me and something is so very very wrong..
So I do what’s called the Pregnancy Check.
If you have these symptoms you are most likely pregnant or delusional!
Either way you need to see a doctor..
So these aren’t really in order I just go by..

Sore nipples or sore breasts.
Here is a statement from a pregnant woman suffering sore nipples/breasts.

“Your breasts could start to feel tender anywhere from a few days to a few weeks after you become pregnant. “Tender” is pretty much the understatement of the century if you ask me. Mine felt like they were raw, burning, being sandpapered, pricked with a thousand tiny needles (in the shower), and sometimes felt like they were going to POP right off of my body (the nipples would get hard and just stay that way for what felt like an eternity).”

Lovely.. Oh I am SO looking forward to that one..


Increased Cervical Mucus.

That’s just, Mmm.. I don’t think anything sounds good when you add the word “mucus” on the end of it..

You will find creamy goodness in your panties, if you already do, much much more is coming your way!

Next up we have.. *checks notes* Ahh here we are, Fatigue.

You are going to be tired, feeling lazy, no energy to do absolutely anything. (I think this is why teenagers don’t realise they’re pregnant until so late, with all the diseases going around out there any lazy teenager with a rough sex life isn’t going to notice sore breats, weird creamy liquid and fatigue)

Frequent Urination.

Yes, I’m afraid so, you’ve turned into your grandmother and now need to pee a lot more than normal, half the time you’ll only pee for a few seconds, but you will still need to pee 5 minutes later. My advice? Eat some asparagus and stink the house out to get back at that bastard for knocking your ass up!

Oohh oohh next one is my favourite!

Constipation & Wind.

You are one gassy mother fucker, your like a man, your constantly releasing gas and you can’t do anything about it, it’s almost like a bad dream, don’t laugh! That’ll only make it worse.

I’m going to list the boring ones just for knowledge alone.

Change in smell, it’s going to be a bit more sensitive.

Cravings, of weird and strange foods, even dirt and clay (your body is lacking minerals)

Cramping, Mmm.. because you have an alien growing inside you?

Pimples and acne. (Mine never went away)

Colds and nose stuffiness. (Yes that is the correct term “stuffiness”)

Missed your period? Hmm, PREGNANT!

Alright so the last one, is possibly the most interesting and by interesting I mean disgusting.

Change in colour of your vagina. Mhmm, that’s right I said it, VAGINA!. Due to the increased level of blood in the pelvic region, you may find your vagina will appear more purplish than normal. I’ve never really thought that my vagina looked purplish to begin with but hey, that’s just me.

So there you have it! Be mindful to watch for raging purple vaginas, creamy mucus, a slight cold or craving for anything and a need to sleep.

Good Luck!


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The Birthday

So Friday was my first day at work and I guess it went well-ish.
We started off the day slow and eventually went out to buy the iPad for t00ns birthday the following day, he confessed that for Mothers Day he was going to buy us matching ipod nano watches (very cool idea) but very expensive and since our internet has been playing up lately I suggested maybe getting a new router instead.
He agreed so after going to apple and buying his new iPad and cover we went and had lunch and then headed home to relax for a few hours before I started work.
he wasn’t allowed to have his iPad before his birthday so we just sat around and watched telly on the couch (wrestling) before almost falling asleep and realising it was time to go.
He drove me and traffic was awful, it had also been raining all day so it was quite cold, we got there and he decided since I would only be working for a few hours he would stay and do some shopping.
I started work (going through the training process and such) it was a nightmare.
After work he picked me up and went drove to his mums to say hello so we didn’t have to stop in the next day for the happy birthday drama.
Turns out t00n bought me a voucher for Bras N Things for Mothers Day, (which I love) because what woman doesn’t like lingerie?
Anywho, said Hello to mum and brothers, had a looky at some of their pictures from a recent holiday and left, got home, exhausted and fell asleep watching Blade.
The next morning we awoke, smiled, kissed, happy birthday and such.
He opened his iPad and we played around with its features for a while before going for a shower, well.. I went for a shower and he installed our new router.
I got out, he showered and we went bra shopping, I did the whole try it on, show thing (considering it was his birthday) bought the one we both agreed on and we went for lunch.
After lunch we went home and played some Halo, with our new headsets (wireless, very fancy)
We did this until dinner time when we drove to Motezumas, keep in mind it has been continuously raining the entire weekend, non stop, flooding has occurred during this time..
We got dressed up, ran to the car and drove what was supposed to take 20mins 45 mins to the restaurant before realising they were all booked up, after a bit of yelling we got a very squishy booth which looked like it was made for children and we left.
We argued a bit because i had felt like this birthday was a bust and I blamed myself for not booking ahead or planning anything awesome.
We went to Nando’s (our favourite restaurant) the food was great as usual and although I planned for a later dinner we ate early and then ended up having to go back home before going to the movies.
I booked Gold Class tickets to see Avengers (which was amazing) and intended on spoiling him with a Lindt cake and a nice Corona.
Which they serve in Gold Class, we got there and he didn’t feel like a Corona (which is his favourite beer) and the Lindt cake was a profiterole cake (the only chocolate thing he doesn’t like) by this point I thought what’s the point in planning anything when nothing goes right, so he’s got no cake and no beer, we ended up getting popcorn and coke.
At the other Gold Class cinemas I had been to they had served unlimited popcorn and refills of drinks.
I had told this to t00n beforehand and he was very excited, mm unfortunately THIS cinema didn’t do that.
What a bust.
So we saw the movie, it was great we went home and went to bed.
That was the birthday.
It was nothing special (all my fault) and I still feel crap about it.

How was your weekend?


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In life we all want perfection.
The perfect job.
The perfect relationship.
The perfect house.
But what exactly is reasonable and what is out of our reach?
We strive for perfection but if we ever get there we will actually be happy or will we strive for something new?
Nothing in my life is perfect, my hair has a mind of it’s own, my relationship is more of a day by day motion, my job (which I start tomorrow) although promising, isn’t even in the right line to a perfect job.
My house, it has it’s moments.
I don’t think there is one thing in my life which is even remotely close to being perfect, but somehow I am content.
I can’t exactly explain why but I am.
And I’m happy with that..
I hope that you have something that your content with in your life.
Because we all need some stability.


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Some Of My Favourites

Okay, so I’ve got a bit of stuff to do today so instead of writing something I thought I post a few of my favourite photos..
This excludes any of t00n or family or friends..
Just random shots that I’ve taken that I like to look at..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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So you would not believe what happened to me yesterday!
Or us..
You would not believe what happened to “us” yesterday..
Well I went downstairs to put the washing on and my machine was playing up, I fiddled with it back and forth but yet, still nothing..
We then drastically looked for the warranty and couldn’t find it, but alas we did find the receipt..
Now, we had only had this washing machine a couple of years.. a couple meaning 2..
We call up Electrolux and supposedly our warranty had expired 3 months ago..
Darnit! Timing right?
So we had to go to Harvey Norman and look for a new washing machine..
The reason why we chose Harvey Norman is because a) that’s where we got our first washing machine from and b) they have interest free on our brand of credit card..
Because I, unlike most people.. Do not have a spare 1000 lying around..
Anywho, we got there, had a look around, went through brands and prices and what not and landed on an Ariston for $650 with 5 years warranty and this surge plug thing..
All up it cost us about $900!
Ridiculous isn’t it!
So thismorning my new washing machine came, I didn’t pay the $6.50 for the guys to install it so i did it all by myself!
I had to disconnect the old one and move it to the other side of the garage and connect the new one and everything!

Old Washing Machine – Fuck Head

New Washing Machine – Awesomesauce

After not doing washing all weekend and having a HUGE build up by Sunday and then realising that I couldn’t do any washing until thismorning..
I got right into it!
But alas something always happens..
The Electrician came by to install a safety switch and he had to turn off all the power so halfway through my first wash it stopped and now i have to re-start it and wait the hour..
Plus the house is a mess and I couldn’t do any vacuuming or wash the dishes because my water heater was turned off..
So I have a very messy house, about a tonne of washing..
Moldy dishes and a white floor with a slight tan to it..
This should be fun…

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