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Ventors & Fixers

Alright so apologies once again for not posting in.. lets say a fair amount of time..
This post is basically about men and women..
And how they go about problem solving..
Okay so Women, women are ventors..
When we have a problem, we vent and then we feel better…
Men, men are fixers…
Men hear a problem and they like to fix it..
It’s just what they do..
But there in lies your problem..
Women like to vent, but we don’t like men to fix our problems..
We just want to get it off our chest, we don’t want your problem solving abilities..
Why must you try and fix everything? Why can’t you just listen and then hug..
But if men don’t come up with a solution they feel worthless, un-men-like
Then they don’t understand when we’re not grateful for there wonderful solution, to magically fix all our problems..
it’s a difficult world, and in turn I leave you with this advice..
Women, vent to your friends and family but DO NOT under any circumstances, TAKE THERE ADVICE! But that way, you get it off your chest and avoid confrontation with your man,
Men, If a woman does happen to vent to you, listen, empathise and hug/kiss.
There will be no more venting and you’ll avoid an unnecessary argument.

Your welcome..


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Love, Family, Heartbreak

So Something very interesting happened last night..
It was during my little cooking session, chips were in the oven.. steaks were on the grill and the mushroom sauce was bubbling away..
I got a message, a text message to be exact..
From my Mother.
Now as you all know, Mother’s Day was this past Sunday (In Australia anywho) and as I don’t live in the same state as my mother on Mothers Day I texted her early in the morning saying exactly this..
“Good Morning Mum, Happy Mothers Day! I hope you have a great day today and I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate it with you, when you get a moment give me a buzz and I’ll call you, Ciao”
That’s what I sent her, at something like 9:30am
I got a reply at 10:30pm that said..
“Thanks, have a good day”
Now.. I know I’m only young but i was working Monday so by 10:30pm I was asleep..
So I didn’t call her, 2 days before Mothers Day I did mention that I had sent her a card and that it wouldn’t get there by Mothers Day but to expect it in the mail.
Now yesterday (Tuesday) I texted her, asking how she was and whether or not she had received the card yet or not..
Her response?
“No I have not received your card and frankly I don’t care anymore, from now on I’m spending my time with my nieces and nephews who actually love me, good luck with your life. Annette.”
That was the precise message that I had received that night whilst cooking and I honestly didn’t know what to say to that..
Obviously I was extremely hurt and acting on impulse I immediately responded with a harsh but true message back, there we’re 2 more messages sent from each end and it ended with “Goodbye”
Suffice to say we are no longer speaking to eachother and she made it quite clear that the rest of my family doesn’t wish to have anything to do with me either.
Being their choice I’ve accepted it and now I can move on.
You see, for quite a while now t00n and I have been toying with the idea of moving to Paris, or Europe in general.
We’ve done everything here in Australia and I think it’s time for a change, before, although I did wish to travel I was resistant to any permanent change because of the ties to my family, but now that I don’t really have any ties to speak of I thought why not?
It’s now MY life and I’m on my own..
Free to do as I please..
So I think after taking a trip there i might seriously consider it..
What have I got to lose?
Starting research time!


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