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So I’m becoming slack with my blogging and i apologise once again.
Work is taking up a bit of time and I have drama at home..
Speaking of work, it’s going alright..
Had my first shift by myself and it went well right up until the end when I was closing and all of a sudden these customers came up out of nowhere..
Anywho t00n updated my laptop to Lion and it’s so amazing..
I’m telling you, it’s taken forever but it is very very cool..
It’s starting to get really cold and so I’m actually wearing socks and a scarf around the house..
I have some cleaning to do because I’ve been slack with that too..
But I’m cooking a nice steak dinner tonight for t00n and I to hopefully cheer him up because he’s been very stressed lately and to be honest it’s starting to stress me out..
He works too much and he’s extremely overworked..
We actually had a discussion about how pathetic it is that we both want to enjoy our life and travel and what not but to live in this country we have to pay twice as much for anything..
an apartment..
It’s pathetic, if your working majority of your life, just to keep going another day.. Is that really living?

I’ll try and find something to blog about later on, but ciao for now..

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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Journal


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The Birthday

So Friday was my first day at work and I guess it went well-ish.
We started off the day slow and eventually went out to buy the iPad for t00ns birthday the following day, he confessed that for Mothers Day he was going to buy us matching ipod nano watches (very cool idea) but very expensive and since our internet has been playing up lately I suggested maybe getting a new router instead.
He agreed so after going to apple and buying his new iPad and cover we went and had lunch and then headed home to relax for a few hours before I started work.
he wasn’t allowed to have his iPad before his birthday so we just sat around and watched telly on the couch (wrestling) before almost falling asleep and realising it was time to go.
He drove me and traffic was awful, it had also been raining all day so it was quite cold, we got there and he decided since I would only be working for a few hours he would stay and do some shopping.
I started work (going through the training process and such) it was a nightmare.
After work he picked me up and went drove to his mums to say hello so we didn’t have to stop in the next day for the happy birthday drama.
Turns out t00n bought me a voucher for Bras N Things for Mothers Day, (which I love) because what woman doesn’t like lingerie?
Anywho, said Hello to mum and brothers, had a looky at some of their pictures from a recent holiday and left, got home, exhausted and fell asleep watching Blade.
The next morning we awoke, smiled, kissed, happy birthday and such.
He opened his iPad and we played around with its features for a while before going for a shower, well.. I went for a shower and he installed our new router.
I got out, he showered and we went bra shopping, I did the whole try it on, show thing (considering it was his birthday) bought the one we both agreed on and we went for lunch.
After lunch we went home and played some Halo, with our new headsets (wireless, very fancy)
We did this until dinner time when we drove to Motezumas, keep in mind it has been continuously raining the entire weekend, non stop, flooding has occurred during this time..
We got dressed up, ran to the car and drove what was supposed to take 20mins 45 mins to the restaurant before realising they were all booked up, after a bit of yelling we got a very squishy booth which looked like it was made for children and we left.
We argued a bit because i had felt like this birthday was a bust and I blamed myself for not booking ahead or planning anything awesome.
We went to Nando’s (our favourite restaurant) the food was great as usual and although I planned for a later dinner we ate early and then ended up having to go back home before going to the movies.
I booked Gold Class tickets to see Avengers (which was amazing) and intended on spoiling him with a Lindt cake and a nice Corona.
Which they serve in Gold Class, we got there and he didn’t feel like a Corona (which is his favourite beer) and the Lindt cake was a profiterole cake (the only chocolate thing he doesn’t like) by this point I thought what’s the point in planning anything when nothing goes right, so he’s got no cake and no beer, we ended up getting popcorn and coke.
At the other Gold Class cinemas I had been to they had served unlimited popcorn and refills of drinks.
I had told this to t00n beforehand and he was very excited, mm unfortunately THIS cinema didn’t do that.
What a bust.
So we saw the movie, it was great we went home and went to bed.
That was the birthday.
It was nothing special (all my fault) and I still feel crap about it.

How was your weekend?


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Hey guys!
So I’ve been reading this new book, and it didn’t even cost me a thing because it came with my Halo Reach special edition.

It’s pretty cool, but if you don’t know the story line of the game you’ll have NO idea what’s going on but it looks like a proper journal, all bounded up and all.
It’s actually making me wonder whether or not I should start writing a journal myself, old school pen and paper style..
But I’m not quite sure because I feel I might be repeating myself, like whatever I write on here I won’t write in my journal and whatever I write in my journal I won’t write in here and there will be gaps when you look back it at..
t00ns birthday is in 10 days and he’s decided he doesn’t want to do anything big for it..
But I’ve always been a big birthday kind of person..
Like.. It’s your birthday you can do whatever you want, have what you like for dinner, go anywhere you want etc..
Plus he works so hard and I think he deserves something awesome for such a big birthday..
I just don’t want him to look back on it and regret not doing anything..
I can’t afford much as far as presents go but i can definitely make it worth while..
I need fun ideas, if you have any feel free to chuck ’em at me!
I have a few days left before I start work and t00n thinks that I should make the most of it..
So I’m going to!
I’m going to try and be creative today, I might even play some Xbox..
Dare I?
Electrition is coming today to fix the light switch so I can’t laze around in my pj’s all day so I regrettably got dressed but I refuse to look pretty!

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Nerds, Geeks And All The Rest!

So I was thinking about it today..
When a woman/girl lets say “female”
When a female plays online games they are supposedly 1 of 3 things..
Number 1.
A mega fat bitch that literally does nothing but play games all day and eat.
Number 2.
A huge SKANK!
She only plays online to get attention from men.
Number 3.
A guy pretending to be a chick.

Right, so according to men I’m one of these 3 things.
Well, I’m not a dude.
So there goes number 3.
I’m not a skank.
So there’s number 2 gone.
And I think I’m in a medium weight class because I weigh just about 60kg.
So I don’t think that fits into the category of number 1.

Believe it or not, there are actually female-female gamers out there!
I know right!
It sounds crazy! But trust me.. I know a few myself..
Men think that people like me, don’t exist.
Well, I can assure you that we do.
I’m a female, I have a vagina like most females and I like to game.
Big deal?
I think not..
Women think that to be a “real” woman you have to like pink, and butterflies and bullshit..
I like blue and I like dogs and I like Star Wars..
Get over it..
So what if I’m not a “girly girl”
That doesn’t make me any less of a woman..
I’m a NERD! I like gadgets and documentaries and learning new things.

I’m also a big GEEK!
I like Gaming, Xbox, Pokemon, Anime, YouTube cartoons and Magic.

I like everything from StarWars to the Avengers.
Screw all of those who think that’s lame.
Because you don’t know cool.



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i Was Thinking

I was thinking..
Although I like to write myself, I don’t think I’m very good at it..
I have terrible grammar, I can’t spell to save my life..
I tend to ramble, have unnecessary spaces and (…)
I really admire people that can write, properly..
I’m not a big reader myself, I read every now and then..
Whitty books..
My favourite is Belle De Jour..
Not because of the sex but because of her humor, the way she phrases things..
How she’s so open about herself..
Lately I’ve been thinking and feeling that my emotions are controlled by everything else in my life, if that makes sense..
For example, T00N.. When he’s happy and energetic, it makes me feel the same way..
When I listen to sad music I start to feel depressed..
When someone is shouting on the television, it stresses me out..
Whether I’m over emotional or fucking bat shit crazy, It’s irritating me..
it’s like I can’t block out anything, I take everything on as my own..
i feel like the person in someone else’s situation..
I’m the one shouting on the telly..
I’m the one stressed with work and not T00N..
I’m the one singing this depressing song…
I don’t really know what to do about this but to ignore how people feel..
Stop watching stressful shows and stop listening to depressing music..

On another note..
The woman next door with the millions of offspring is getting on my nerves..
It’s like she tortures her children over there because they are ALWAYS crying..
Or screaming..
Or breaking things..
If you can’t look after a zillion children then DON’T HAVE THEM!

On another note.. *laughs*
I have this weird thing that I really am enjoying lately..
I’m not sure if I have mentioned this already or not but I love to play Halo..
I’m a big gamer and Reach is my favourite game..
Lately I have been neglecting my 360 because I bought T00N Red Dead Redemption..
It’s like Fallout 3 but western..
Or Grand Theft Auto..
Whatever your into..
And i have this weird addiction to watch him play..
I’m not exactly sure why..
But I sit there with my little map and right down towns and dangerous areas and treasure sights..
I let him know which plants to pick and what’s good for Dead Eye and Health Replenishment..
I have concluded that I’m just weird..
And a possible control freak lol
Plus I love to watch him get irritated..
It’s quite a laugh..

T00N and Myself and my friend Bevan are going to lunch tomorrow..
My first meet up since I got back and I am looking forward to it, but I have no money so that’s stressing me out a bit.. lol
What if she wants to have a fancy lunch?! I’ll be doomed..

All in all..
I’m enjoying my Friday..
Job interview next Tuesday..
I’ll be sure to let you know how it all goes!


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Gamer Chick

Right so I thought might as well play some Reach since I had a day off before starting work..
I usually play with Toon because he’s like my wingman and it’s realli uncomforting to play without him..
Plus the screen is huge by yourself.. So many pixels… O.O


So I was playing Team Slayer.. And can I tell you, I played a total of 5 games with different players…
Every single game I played, I was tea bagged.. Like are you kidding me?
Do people still do that?
What prevokes a man to do that? Let me rephrase that what prevokes a little pathetic boy to tea bag..
It’s so pathetic, it’s degrading and I know it’s because I’m a chick gamer..
I know it’s because I’m better than most of them.. But I don’t go around *box bagging* people do I?
I just think its honestly pathetic, if you are so deep into your little man syndrome that you have to tea bag another gamer to get a stiffy then there’s something wrong with you..

Lol. Now this might be raging.. But I really don’t care…
I’m not going to take shit from shit gamers anymore, I’ll rage all I want and I’m going to teach them who to mess with…


Ciao Bella.

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Posted by on December 8, 2011 in Journal