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Ventors & Fixers

Alright so apologies once again for not posting in.. lets say a fair amount of time..
This post is basically about men and women..
And how they go about problem solving..
Okay so Women, women are ventors..
When we have a problem, we vent and then we feel better…
Men, men are fixers…
Men hear a problem and they like to fix it..
It’s just what they do..
But there in lies your problem..
Women like to vent, but we don’t like men to fix our problems..
We just want to get it off our chest, we don’t want your problem solving abilities..
Why must you try and fix everything? Why can’t you just listen and then hug..
But if men don’t come up with a solution they feel worthless, un-men-like
Then they don’t understand when we’re not grateful for there wonderful solution, to magically fix all our problems..
it’s a difficult world, and in turn I leave you with this advice..
Women, vent to your friends and family but DO NOT under any circumstances, TAKE THERE ADVICE! But that way, you get it off your chest and avoid confrontation with your man,
Men, If a woman does happen to vent to you, listen, empathise and hug/kiss.
There will be no more venting and you’ll avoid an unnecessary argument.

Your welcome..


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Nerds, Geeks And All The Rest!

So I was thinking about it today..
When a woman/girl lets say “female”
When a female plays online games they are supposedly 1 of 3 things..
Number 1.
A mega fat bitch that literally does nothing but play games all day and eat.
Number 2.
A huge SKANK!
She only plays online to get attention from men.
Number 3.
A guy pretending to be a chick.

Right, so according to men I’m one of these 3 things.
Well, I’m not a dude.
So there goes number 3.
I’m not a skank.
So there’s number 2 gone.
And I think I’m in a medium weight class because I weigh just about 60kg.
So I don’t think that fits into the category of number 1.

Believe it or not, there are actually female-female gamers out there!
I know right!
It sounds crazy! But trust me.. I know a few myself..
Men think that people like me, don’t exist.
Well, I can assure you that we do.
I’m a female, I have a vagina like most females and I like to game.
Big deal?
I think not..
Women think that to be a “real” woman you have to like pink, and butterflies and bullshit..
I like blue and I like dogs and I like Star Wars..
Get over it..
So what if I’m not a “girly girl”
That doesn’t make me any less of a woman..
I’m a NERD! I like gadgets and documentaries and learning new things.

I’m also a big GEEK!
I like Gaming, Xbox, Pokemon, Anime, YouTube cartoons and Magic.

I like everything from StarWars to the Avengers.
Screw all of those who think that’s lame.
Because you don’t know cool.



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