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Hey guys!

Sorry that I haven’t written in so long, I had a busy weekend and lately I’ve been feeling like me writing is me being lazy so I’ve been avoiding it and trying to do other things.

I’ve got some great photos for you though!

We went to SeaWorld on the weekend (t00n and I) it was nice.

Umm, work is going alright, working tomorrow.

Definitely considering house hunting lately because we really think this place is too small for us.

Umm, haven’t been up to much, been a little sick.

Short of money this week aswell so that sucks, t00n has been unhappy lately, with work and he’s stressed about money and feels unhappy, I’m not sure what to do to make him happy anymore though.

Bit stumped there.

Mothers Day is this Sunday, I don’t think we’re really doing anything, buying my mum a card but no money so no gift.

Alright well that’s it, Enjoy!






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Posted by on May 10, 2012 in Journal


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This is a weird subject to write about but it’ll only be in the beginning so I can just get it the fuck outta my way..
Bills are piling up, usually that tends to stress me out because I’m a control freak and I like to pay things as soon as I get them and not have to worry about them anymore..
But I’m going about this in a new way..
I’ll pay them when i can..
If I get a late notice or something gets cut off then so be it..
What can I do?
Stressing isn’t going to help the situation..
Plus you need to enjoy life a little bit, if you can’t spend a little money buying Easter Eggs for people you love..
That’s more depressing than getting my Foxtel cut off (Foxtel is like a satellite dish) but it’s not..
Like cable television..
As long as I have some electricity I’ll be fine..
I did add up how much all my bills cost for this fortnight..
$763.00 roughly..
It’s a bitch that everything comes during one fortnight of each month..
That’s not including the $11.99 that I had to pay for my bloody XBOX LIVE…

Now that I got that out of the way I can enjoy my day..
What a good vent-rant that was!


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Posted by on April 4, 2012 in Journal


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