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I don’t really know.. (Beware, offensive language)

So I’m in this stage in my life which I’m gathering everyone goes through..
Either that or I’m having some sort of psychotic breakdown..
I’m feeling like I dislike my life..
I’m in a meaningless job that I didn’t study for..
Which takes me an hour to get to..
I’m in a small apartment where there isn’t even enough room for my things let alone anyone elses..
I don’t have a car so I can’t get anywhere..
My partner which I do have, couldn’t care less about me..
All I do is make his life worse..
I don’t think I have any friends, and the ones I do have I either don’t have time to see or can’t afford to go out..
My best friend is in Melbourne and I can’t find time to talk to her, plus I have nothing to talk about because my life is so boring..
I’m still not talking to anyone from my family since they confirmed they wanted nothing to do with me..
It seems like the only person that cares if I’m around is my boss, and that’s only because she can’t be fucked trying to find someone to fill my shifts.
I just think, what’s the point in trying anymore?
Why bother getting out of bed, going to work, getting dressed… doing my hair even.
When absolutely nobody gives a flying fuck.
I think from now on my philosophy is going to be, “I don’t give a fuck”
I don’t give a fuck if you don’t want to talk to me..
I don’t give a fuck if you don’t want to buy these sunglasses..
I don’t give a fuck if I look like a mess..
I don’t give a fuck if I look fat today..
I don’t give a fuck if it’s raining and everyone has an umbrella besides me..
I don’t give a fuck if I miss my bus..
i don’t give a flying fuck if nobody wants me around..
I’m here until I die, so fuck off and find someone else that has a fuck to give!

Excuse my language.

I’m going to go sulk in bed now and possibly fall asleep.
I might post a photo later.



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So here comes Easter aye..
What do I want for Easter?
Chocolate! What else?
I’ve asked T00N to get me some of these..

Because they are my all time FAVOURITE chocolate!
Even though you can’t really find them anywhere and no one really knows what they are..
Whatever I don’t care, screw you and your love for popular chocolate!
I’m going to get T00N one of these and maybe something little..

Oops NO! I meant one of these..
Darn now he’s going to think he’s getting a damn bunny rabbit..

I’m looking forward to Easter..
And to the chocolate..
And.. to the 4 day weekend *laughs*
I hope you all have a great Easter and fatten yourself up for a few days!


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The Weekend

Past weekend I went to lunch with Bevan & T00N..
It was nice, weird.. but nice..
You see, Bevan and I really haven’t hung out together by ourselves since we finished Uni.
We really only saw eachother there..
Plus, T00N was with us and, yes..
We met up near the city and went for lunch at Nando’s..
(My favourite restaurant)
We then went for a walk and checked out the markets..
Bevan suggested we get coffee..
We went to Max brenner and waited in line for over an hour for a coffee and a hot chocolate..
After coffee we had to part ways..
T00N and I went home and chilled..
I like Bevan, but she does little things that irritate me..
For example I can start a sentence a thousand times and she’ll continue to interrupt me..
And she does it like she doesn’t even notice or care, that she does it..
Also, she speaks very quietly..
Either I’m going deaf or she naturally has a soft voice..
Which is weird for me because, I’m Spanish and I speak very loudly..
All the time..
weekend was good..
T00N and I went to see Hunger Games on Sunday but there were only tickets left in the front row so we decided to see Wrath of The Titans instead..
It was alright, end scene was bleh like the last movie..
So that’s about it for my weekend..
Bit of a nothing blog..
My apologies..



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is where I came from..
Some day I hope to go back there..
Some day I hope to get married there..
it’s beautiful, it makes you appreciate your life..
i love that I look different to everyone here..
I like that I stand out..
Why would you want to fit in and blend?
What’s interesting about that?
Let people know that if the world ended tomorrow that you left your mark somewhere..
You were remembered, if only for being different..
I am me whether I want to be or not..
I bite my nails..
My voice goes a weird high pitch when I’m angry..
Like an annoying parrot of some sort..
I chew my lips when I get nervous..
And i shake my leg when I get stressed..
I’m loud and clumsy..
But I’m me..
Take it or leave it..

Because at the end of the day..
I’m happy with myself..
How many people can say that?


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Right so this is my first blog.

What to write about?

Well how about… movies!

I recently, well not recently saw a few advertisements for that remake of.. not Dirty Dancing, the other one.. ummm.. the one with the guy, fuck I know this, okay so it’s about a town that’s banned dancing because they think it promotes sexual behaviour which promotes other bad things etc.. well the original was great, great actors and it’s done very well and what I realli love about that movie is the moral of the story, the whole reason why it’s so great, because the kids make the adults understand that dancing doesn’t need to be sexual, it’s a expression of ones self, it doesn’t make you some slut and when they have a dance in the end it’s nice, and harmless.

But in the new movie, everyone is wearing mini skirts and dancing in water and rubbing up against each other and it’s just an insult, I understand that they are trying to appeal to a younger generation by putting more sex into it but it defeats the purpose, the whole moral of the story is gone, thrown out the window.. it’s honestly pathetic, alright so that’s my rant for today about that.

Hope you enjoyed it!


Ciao Bella

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